The Church of Holy Trinity from Perth is taking part in a project which aims to improve the living and working conditions for children and youth with special needs from Krusevac in Serbia.

The deteriorating social and economic circumstances have in particular impacted on families with handicapped children and youth. The Association of Citizens and Parents of Children and Youth with Special Needs from Krusevac, Serbia has been trying to enable permanent improvements in the life of these families. One of the fundamental requirements is to create jobs that suit their capabilities and where these youths can get permanent employment and income, rather than having to rely solely on donations and social security assistance.

Thanks to a donor from the Netherlands, two new workshops have already been established (pottery and tailors workshops), where handicapped youth are employed. More details are available on

An agreement was reached with this donor to commence a new Project of the greenhouse for medicinal herbs and food spicing plants, where another youth group will be employed. The technical details have been defined and the Project capital cost is estimated at Euro 10,000. It is to be noted that the donor will match the funds raised by the Association and the finances need to be secured by June 2009.

We invite all people with good will to provide their generous donations to this Project.

You may submit your donations through the Church of Holy Trinity Perth (call 0401 302 340) or by direct bank transfer to the Association of Citizens and Parents of Children and Youth with Special Needs through any branch of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (please take the attached payments instructions with you to the bank). We kindly request you to provide us with a copy of your payment receipt to allow us to search for a feedback and confirmation that your donation has been received by the Association.

Thanks to Ms Mirjana Stevanovic for letting us know about this project and providing us with this opportunity to assist.