Our monasteries and our faithful Serbian people that are suffering in Kosovo and Metohija, live in very difficult conditions.

While they defend our holy places and the very future of our Jerusalem, it is up to us to do our best during this Christmas period – by fasting, our prayers and with our support and donations, to ease their daily lives and enable them (and through them our own) survival in the holy Serbian land.

In anticipation of the Holy Spirit of Christ, let us show our fraternal love as mercy – collecting our donations in dedicated donation boxes especially for this purpose in each parochial church during this upcoming Christmas Eve!

All donations will be sent to People’s kitchen “Mother of Jugovic brothers” in Kosovo and Metohija.

Please refer to attached instructions for bank transfer in attachment.

With God’s blessings

His Grace Bishop Siluan

+ С И Л У А Н


Update on 25 February 2019:

Donor action to help people’s kitchen in Kosovo and Metohija – donation presented

Donations in the amount of $6,400 collected during the Christmas Eve by the parish of Holy Trinity in Perth, were handed over by Fr Milorad Soactar to His Grace Siluan, bishop of Australian-New Zealand Metropolitanate of the Serbian Orthodox Church during his last week’s visit to Perth.

The Metropolitanate office from Sydney will forward the donation directly to the people’s kitchens “Mother of the nine Jugović” in Kosovo and Metohija.