Archpriest Milorad Soaktar was born on the 20th of December, 1954 in Petrovo Selo near Temisvar, Romania. He began his education in his birthplace, and from 1969, continued it in Caransebes, where he proceeded to complete his studies in theology in 1974. He continued his studies at the Theological University in Sibiu which he completed in 1978, as well as post-graduate studies in 1980.

He entered the priest’s rank in 1977 and acquires the parish in Little Beckerek near Temisvar.

Father Milorad arrived in Australia in 1982 and is placed under the jurisdiction of Bishop Petar (Bankerovic) who entrusts him with the role of priesthood at the Holy Trinity Church in Perth, at which he is faithfully serving to this day. In October 2008, bishop Iriney has announced that archpriest Milorad is taking the duty of the Chancellor of Australian-New Zealand Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

In addition to completing his regular services and priestly responsibilities, Father Milorad successfully completed his 4-year studies of Social Sciences at the Curtin University of Technology in 1984.

In 1994, he also successfully completed post-graduate studies at Murdoch University and concluded with a doctoral dissertation with the theme of family rights, particularly highlighting cultural factors and their role in marriage and divorce, with which he gained the academic title of Doctor of Philosophy.

With his dedication to work, he gained an impressive reputation in his field and participates in the work of various government organisations in Western Australia, which handle the position and protection of children.

He is responsible for undertaking the most delicate and sensitive responsibilities in this complex field. Currently he is serving as Director at the Joondalup District – Department for Child Abuse.