Eleni Evangel MLA has officially opened the photographic exhibition “Medieval Architectural Beauties of Serbia” at the Perth Town Hall. The exhibition is organized as part of the 2013 Metropolitanate Day celebration.

The exhibition is inspired by the medieval heritage of Serbia and includes images of churches, monasteries, fortresses, buildings and landscapes of outstanding beauty. These places are the home of many local and international events and are often the setting of fascinating tales, standing as living reminders of the historical significance of the region. The selected photographs take us on a journey of some of the most significant monuments and regions in Serbia, depicting the unique environment in which these churches, monasteries and fortresses were built. Some of them have been thriving ever since; others stand as stark reminders of the significant moments in history. The exhibition aims to show the value and beauty of religion, tradition and nature and bring them closer to the public.

Six eminent authors are presenting their work at this exhibition: Professor Ljubisa Folic, Bozidar Vitas, Zorica Tasic, Rastko Kolacek, Borka Tomic-Radovanovic and Nik Babic.