After Divine Liturgy on Sunday 29th of January, at the Church Hall will be served ceremonial lunch to celebrate Saint Sava Day, Savindan.

Saint Sava is celebrated as the founder of the independent Serbian Orthodox Church and as the patron saint of education and medicine among Serbs. Since the 1830s,
Saint Sava has become the patron Saint of Serbian schools and schoolchildren. On his feast day, students partake in recitals in Church.

Born Prince Rastko Nemanjic, son of the Serbian ruler and founder of the Serbian medieval state Stefan Nemanja, St. Sava became the first Patriarch of Serbia (1219-1233) and is an important Saint in the Serbian Orthodox Church.

After participating in the blessing of the waters in January of 1235, St. Sava developed a cough that progressed into pneumonia. He died of pneumonia in the evening between Saturday and Sunday, January 14, 1235 and was buried at the Cathedral of the Holy Forty Martyrs in Trnovo. His relics remained in Trnovo until May 6, 1237, when his sacred bones were moved to the monastery Mileseva in southern Serbia. Three-hundred and sixty years later the Ottoman Turks burned his relics on the main square in Belgrade.

The Cathedral of Saint Sava in Belgrade is the largest active Orthodox temple in the world today. It was built on the site where his holy relics were burned.