Nikola Tesla, Serbian-American inventor, is one of the giants of human intellect and the man whose research marked the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Tesla’s personality and scientific mind have become legendary thanks to his capacity to ingeniously solve most complex technical problems.

As part of its activities on promotion of Nikola Tesla’s legacy and contribution to modern world, Tesla Forum of WA Inc. is organizing the 2017 Tesla EXPO at Perth Town Hall from 1-16 July 2017.

Previous two Tesla EXPOs organized in 2006 and 2011 by Tesla Forum together with the Museum of Nikola Tesla from Belgrade Serbia, have demonstrated the interest for this type of events, which is not surprising knowing how much our state’s focus is on the resources and industry. The EXPO adds to WA’s attractiveness as a place that is also focused on the innovation, technology and science, which is very much of interest to those that want to start businesses and invest into the projects in WA.

The event’s significance and number of visitors experienced during previous two exhibitions were overwhelming. Also it sets an example of how the community group with significant volunteer base, institutions, universities, local and state governments and general public can successfully work together and achieve amazing results in promoting the science, innovation and education.

Over the years Tesla Forum of WA Inc. have organized numerous events, all funded from donations coming from its members and supporters. Tesla Forum registered not-for-profit and charity organization that donate and award the best students in engineering and science at universities and high schools, organize free technical exhibitions, conferences and lectures, support innovative youth projects etc. None of the members of Tesla Forum has ever been paid for this work, it was always free volunteer contribution and all benefits have flown directly into our WA community. We are and have proven our contribution to this community.

Next year’s exhibition is a major international event and at the same time a big challenge to Tesla Forum in this current economic environment when traditional sponsors operate with very tight budgets. That is why it very important to secure a large support base.

Make your contribution and help to bring this wonderful event to Perth again!