Assistance is needed in the rehabilitation of the consequences of earthquakes in Kraljevo, Serbia.

The Red Cross of Serbia continues to provide support to people affected by this month’s earthquake, which hit the city of Kraljevo, killing three people and causing widespread destruction.

Municipal services have, by and large, been restored in Kraljevo, but there is still rubble and debris on the city’s streets. The damage is visible everywhere, with over 16,000 buildings damaged and 1,500 homes rendered uninhabitable.

Volunteers and staff of the Red Cross Society of Serbia have been active from the first few hours of the disaster, and the local branch has been tasked with collecting and distributing aid. It has also more than doubled its existing soup kitchen services and has distributed hygiene kits to families that have been evacuated.

A psychosocial support programme has now begun, helping people to deal with the shock of the disaster and the impact on their lives.

The Red Cross of Serbia hopes the appeal will also bolster national fundraising efforts to mount an operation which will eventually reach 8,000 people affected by the earthquake.

“For those affected, there is no such thing as a small disaster,” said IFRC disaster manager Alberto Monguzzi, who visited the affected area shortly after the earthquake. “Of course attention moves on when the story fades from the news, but we have an obligation to keep helping those made vulnerable until they are back on their feet.”

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