bian community from Perth said goodbye to their Bishop Irinej who after 10 years in Australia and the New Zealand Metropolitanate of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the last Holy Synod elected Bishop of Eastern-American diocese.

Perth Serbs gathered in the temple of Saint Sava in Highgate WA and together with their bishop prayed to God. They used this opportunity to acknowledge the love His Grace have shown to them over all these years, his efforts on resolving the most important issues for the life and work of our church and overall Serbian community in Australia, and to recognize his efforts and enthusiasm with which he represented our whole community in this very distant and beautiful country. Also to wish His Grace a nice and safe trip to USA and success in the new challenges that are ahead of him.

10 years is a significant period in anyone’s life and it is certain that in the hearts of the Serbs from Western Australia, as well as Bishop Irinej’s, will always be a warm spot and the memories for the beautiful years spent together.

After the Holy Liturgy that was filled with very strong emotions, a function with the lunch’s been organized at the church hall and the program performed by children from Serbian society Kolo and Saint Sava parish. At the end of his visit, His Grace Irinej recently reconstructed church of the Holy Trinity in Perth where the exterior works have almost been completed and the works on interior are to commence soon.