Serbian society “Kolo” from Perth is organizing the “Old Belgrade” function from 19:30h on Saturday 31 July 2010.

The event is a must for everyone who wants to get a taste of the old, bohemian Belgrade, where the famous artists used to gather in some of the numerous restaurants along the Skadarska Street, taste some very special dishes and enjoy the sounds of the live music there. Even nowdays, for everyone who wants to escape from the pressures of modern life for a while, Skadarska Street is still well worth a visit and the following quotation by Zuko Dzumhur describes it, perhaps, the best:

“My name is Skadarlija… or Skadarska street, however you like it. I am no boulevard… or avenue… or highway. I am a common steep curved alley in the middle of Belgrade. And that would be everything meaningful to be told about me if it wouldn’t be for my bohemian history, my crumbling roofs, my shaking chairs…”.

“Kolo’s” dancing group will participate in the folk dancing festival in Bonnyrigg, New South Wales, and the proceedings from this event will be used to cover the part of its travel expenses.

The function will take place at the Hamersley Community Centre, Belvedere Road, Hamersley WA 6022.

To book the tickets you may contact Vera Zimonjic (0415 454 631).