Conducted by:

Radojica Kuzmanovic, Serbian dance teacher,

Francis Feybli, International dance teacher

Ksenija Milovancevic, Singing teacher

Miroslav Stefanovic, Serbian Ethnochoreology


Ibrahim Rizevski

2993 Hyde St., Ottawa, ON, K1V 8H8, Canada

Phone +1 613 526 9731, +1 613 854 5439,


National contact persons:

in Sweden, the Netherlands + Belgium: M. Milic, +31 – 22 92 34 609

in France, Spain + Italy: Ivan Djokovic, +33 – 66 191 734 1

in the United Kingdom: Janet and John, +44 – 124 32 65 010

in Switzerland + Germany: Francis Feybli, +41 – 52 386 3890

Accommodation is at Etno Kompleks Brestovi – Vizija, situated at the town of Arandjelovac. Fee is 850€ including accommodation, workshops and half-board. This also includes one excursion to Emil Kusturica’s art village, travel expenses from Belgrade airport to Arandjelovac (65 km). For single room requests, additional charge is 10€/night.

Registrations: 1st round of registrations accepted by May 15th, 2012 – with deposit of 150€ per person. Hurry up with registration as limited places are available! Please contact Ibrahim Rizevski at phone: +1 613 526 9731 or +1 613 854 5439, E-mail: (Bank information will be provided to those interested to register).

Conditions of payment: the reminder (700€) is to be paid in cash no later than at the sign-in desk after arrival to Arandjelovac. No refunds will be possible in case of cancellation after June 1, 2012.


  • theme: Serbian folk dances (with accordion player)
  • arrival on Saturday July 14, in the afternoon for supper and first dancing
  • daily dancing with Radojica from 9.00 – 12.00 and 18.00 – 19.30h
  • daily singing with Ksenija from 12.15 – 13.45h and after supper
  • theory about Serbian Ethnochoreology from 17.00 18.00h
  • evening programmes with Francis Feybly – after dinner
  • we will dance outside on the stage specially constructed for this seminar
  • departure on 24th of July 2012 (optionally on some other day)

Dancing teacher Radojica Kuzmanovic, Acting Director of “Kolo”

Radojica Kuzmanovic was born in 1955. in Kikinda. His career started in KUD “Vasa Pelagic” from Banja Luka. After his arrival to Belgrade in 1968, he joined the folk-dancing group “Ivo Lola Ribar”. His exceptional talent was quickly recognized and further developed by legendary artistic directors Dragomir Vukovic “Kljaca” and Vladeta Vlahovic “Cvrca”. At the age of 15, Radojica became a soloist and assistant artistic director at “Lola”. Invited by the Director of “Kolo” Dragomir Vukovic, Radojica Kuzmanovic became a member of this leading professional ensemble of folk dances and songs in 1975. The same year he also became a soloist, and later on an assistant artistic director and leader of the dancers. The dance was always his greatest passion, however he also supplemented it with his work in the creation of new choreographies. Since 2002, Radojica Kuzmanovic holds the position of the Artistic Director of the Serbian National Ensemble “Kolo” from Belgrade.

Dancing teacher Francis Feybli

Born in 1948. He is graduated social worker who very early discovered his love for folk dances. He worked very hard on his education as a dance teacher, travelled to Balkans, searched for old dances and continuously expanded his interests to dances from all over the world. Francis is very familiar with dances from Balkans, Israel, Scandinavia, America, Mexico… In particular, his contribution is well recognized by all lovers of folk dances in Switzerland.

Singing teacher Ksenija Milovancevic

Apsolvent at the Ethnomusicology at the Music Academy in Belgrade. Ksenija was the member of the “Oplenac” singing and dancing group. She speaks English and has extraordinary teaching and communication skills.