The world premiere of The Weight of Chains film at Piccadilly Cinema in Perth CBD was a sold-out event well in advance and has proven that there is an extraordinary interest for the film in Western Australia.

The film examines the historical, political, economic and social context of the breakup of Yugoslavia and takes a critical look at the role some Western countries played in the dissolution of the Yugoslav state

The Yugoslav story is presented in an interesting, dynamic and sometimes quite provoking way. It not only represents the record of events, it also documents the behind the scene manipulations of those in power and capable of influencing the critical decisions that have led into tragic events. Nevertheless, there is constant line of optimism and a bit of humour on occasions, which keep the viewers interested and focused throughout the 124 minutes of the film.

The film was particularly very well accepted by those with no experience or background in Balkan events.

The skills of Boris Malagurski, talented director were quite impressive and his story kept the audience absolutely focused throughout the film.

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