Protosingelos Fr. Jovan (Culibrk) the Abbot of Morachnik Monastery, confirmed the receipt of donations received from parishioners of the Church of Holy Trinity from Perth in total amount of A$6,962.

In his message to all those who contributed in any way, father Jovan advised about the completion of works on the church roof and monastery entry gate. The southern wall built between the gate and church has been completed and a northern is currently been built between the gate and konak – the building of both walls has been funded solely by donations from the Church of Holy Trinity Perth.

Father Jovan and Monk Nikolay (who lives on Moracnik) express gratitude to all those who took part in this fundraising activity and will mention them in future prayers and services.

All of us taking part in this fund-raising event are grateful, in particular to Father Jovan, for giving us this opportunity to assist.