All parishers and friends are invited to support the refurbishment of the Moracnik Monastery at the Skadarsko Lake at Zetska Sveta Gora. Mitropolite Amfilohije gave his blessing to this initiative by Church of Holy Trinity.

Financial support can be provided using any of the following options:

  • direct bank transfer to the account of the Serbian Orthodox Church – Metropolitinate of Montenegro and the Littoral, as per attached instructions, or
  • cash payment, money order or cheque in the name “Church of Holy Trinity Perth” or direct bank transfer/deposit onto the special account of the Church of Holy Trinity Perth. The account has been established solely for this specific purpose and all donations will be transferred directly to the Metropolitanate’s account. The receipts will be issued for all payments.

For all payments please make reference to: “Ref. Monastery Moracnik refurbishment” and add your name to allow us easier identification of payments and issuing of the receipts.

Download more detailed instructions from this link. We suggest you print and take it with you to the bank when making your payment.

The monastery of Morachnik is situated on Skadar Lake’s Island of the same name within the Zetska Sveta Gora. The complex is located on the protruding cape on the southeastern side, laid almost on the very waterfront.

For the first time it was mentioned in 1417 in the parchment of Balsa III who was its protector. This synod church is dedicated to Bogorodica Trojerucica.
A stony wall encircles the monastic complex consisting of a church dedicated to the Virgin, a residential building, a refectory and a tower. In the western portion of the wall there is a gate leading to the lake and probably to the original wharf.

Judging by the remains on the second floor, the tower used to be cross-vaulted. It was built in a rather regular manner, in rows, of rough-hewn and hewn stone in mortar. The entrance might have been in the ground or first floor where there is only one narrow opening, while on the second floor there are the remains of bigger windows. A well-preserved building also constructed of stone connects the church and the tower.

The tower in Morachnik is a unique example of preserved object of such type within a monastery complex.

After three centuries monk Grigorije was the first one who came in 1993 and in 1997 the refurbishment of monasteries at the Zetska Sveta Gora has commenced. Today there are works happening at ten of them.

These monasteries represent real pearls and deserve all attention and support after the decades of negligence.

Thanks to father Jovan Culibrk for providing us with details about this project.