The amount of $2,962 has been sent to Metropolitinate of Montenegro and the Littoral of the Serbian Orthodox Church for the refurbishment of the Moracnik Monastery. The money has been sent by direct bank transfer (download bank receipt). After the donation ($4,000) sent in December 2008, this is the second time that Church of Holy Trinity is supporting this cause.

Thanks to all those who provided their generous support, including: families of Zeljko Ivaneza, Milan Saicic, Zoran Ruzic, family Koljibabic, John Perica, Milos Subotic, Svetlana Milankovic, Bojana Tasovac, Zivka Marinkovic, Mihajlo Milic, Jovan Taran, Goran Banovic and numerous anonymous donors.

Special thanks go to our brothers and sisters from Greek community – families Fermanis, Atanasies and Kakulas – for their significant contributions and continuous support to Serbian community.

Those wanting to continue supporting this project can make their contributions directly to the Metropolinate of Montenegro and the Littoral (follow the attached instructions).