The amount of $4,000 has been sent to Metropolitinate of Montenegro and the Littoral of the Serbian Orthodox Church for the refurbishment of the Moracnik Monastery. The money has been sent by direct bank transfer in accordance with the instructions received by the Metropolitanate (download bank receipt).

Thanks to all those who provided their generous support:

  • Dragan Vojinovic (WA),
  • Djordje Koncar (NSW),
  • Zarko Tepsic (QLD),
  • Vladimir & Svetlana Baltic (WA),
  • Svetozar & Vanja Vukotic (QLD),
  • Hadzi Marina Vesna Grbovic (WA),
  • Branislav Grbovic (WA),
  • Milorad, Djina & Bogdan Soaktar (WA),
  • Nebojsa Milic (WA),
  • Dragomir Petkovic (WA),
  • Milan & Katica Saicic (WA),
  • Mladen Stevanovic (WA),
  • Dr Mira Jankovic (WA),
  • Slavica Dimitrijevic (WA) and
  • anonymous donor (WA).

The fund-raising will continue during the months of December 2008 and January 2009. We anticipate that next instalment will be sent around Christmas time and we kindly ask all those interested to make their contributions following the attached instructions.

For additional information please contact us by email or on mobile 0401 302 340.

On 5 Dec 2008, Metropolinate of Montenegro and the Littoral have confirmed the receival of $4,000 onto their account for refurbishment of the Moracnik Monastery at the Skadarsko Lake at Zetska Sveta Gora (download mail from metropolitanate and download text from newspapers Serbian Voice).