We’ve received very nice letter from Ms Mirjana Stevanovic, The President of The Association of Citizens and Parents of Children and Youth with Special Needs from Krusevac, Serbia. It made us very happy to hear the good news from Krusevac and once again prove that there are a lot of generous people with faith in God and true love for other people.

You have once again confirmed that there are no distances which cannot be bridged if we are connected by our sincere faith in God, love of our people and biblical love for a brother in need. We thank everyone who financially assisted our cause, in particular a family of our Greek brothers, as well as everybody who is with us and our children in prayer.

We thank the Lord because it’s his deep providence which led us to you, so that you may give us direction and encouragement on the path which we travel to the completion of the plan which has been entrusted to us by God’s grace.

We have acquainted ourselves with this truth after an occurrence during this appeal, the story of which we wish to share with you.

During the local community fundraising efforts associated with the construction of a greenhouse, we were contacted by a gentleman who is the owner of a castle with a property of 2 hectares in the Lovci village (10km from Krusevac, towards Jastrebac). He had entrusted the castle and property to be utilized and managed by our Association, with the idea of it becoming a place where one could develop an economic entity which would employ families who have a child with disabilities.

Our correspondence with you however led us in a different direction – namely, in conjunction with the owner we came to the solution to hand over the realty we had been entrusted with to be managed by the Church, after this location has been (with blessing) transformed into an endowment which will serve to improve the lives of families with handicapped children.

We are sending you a photograph on which you can see a part of the property and castle.
Perhaps this will one day be the place where we will welcome you as our dear guests. Once again, thank you for your encouragement and the support which you send us.

Heartfelt greetings from Krusevac!